SB 140 Fails to Ensure Patient Safety at Planned Parenthood

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Wilmington, DE – In response to the State Senate passage of SB 140, designed to prevent the unsanitary conditions and patient abuse alleged by two former Planned Parenthood nurses, Ellen Barrosse said, “Early in the legislative process, Senator Venables produced comprehensive draft legislation that would have safeguarded women and regulated abortion clinics.

“Unfortunately, changes introduced in the process led to a final bill that will regulate podiatrists and dentists, but fails to safeguard women with the kind of oversight that other ambulatory surgical centers must have under Delaware regulations.

“Middle class and wealthy women can have abortions in hospitals regulated by one of four high-quality national accreditation bodies.  But this bill fails to mandate stringent accreditation standards for abortion clinics, allowing Delaware’s Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) to approve any independent accreditation agency.  Given that DHSS has failed to act decisively on the alleged unsafe conditions and abuse of patients at Planned Parenthood for almost a year, we cannot expect them to mandate stringent patient safeguards.”

Doctor David Sowa, a surgeon and board member of A Rose and a Prayer, added, “I perform hand surgeries in an ambulatory surgical center that is required by law to be accredited by one of the four serious national surgical accreditation agencies.  It amazes me that while Planned Parenthood performs far more risky surgeries than I do – mostly on poor women – we refuse to hold them to the same standard of care that my patients receive.”

Ms. Barrosse added, “Two years ago, when we learned that convicted murderer and abortionist Kermit Gosnell practiced for nine years in Wilmington, Delaware’s General Assembly rushed through a bill promising to prevent the next Kermit Gosnell here.  Two years later, DHSS still has not issued regulations required to enforce that law, and abortion clinic patients are still at risk without serious accreditation standards.

“If the General Assembly is serious about safeguarding women, all it has to do is pass SB 140 with an amendment requiring abortion clinics to be regulated as ambulatory surgical centers – which they clearly are.  Abortion clinics will then be required to live up to time-tested accreditation standards designed to protect patients in such settings.  Without such an amendment, we will see no change in patient safety at Planned Parenthood.”

For further information, please contact Ellen Barrosse at 302-489-9096.


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