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A Rose and a Prayer has a small staff and an ambitious mission. We need your help! If you are willing to devote some time to any of the areas listed below, please sign up for our volunteer mailing list at the bottom of this page. We’ll let you know about concrete ways to get involved in the pro-life cause in Delaware.


We invite you to join us in faithful prayer, so that all our efforts may begin and end with God’s help.

Practical ways you can help:

  • pray privately
  • ask your friends to pray for us and our mission
  • organize opportunities for group prayer


Help us reach people. When it comes to inviting people to join a cause like ours, nothing beats grassroots networking.

Practical ways you can help:

  • spread the word about A Rose and a Prayer news and events to your friends and family
  • help us with mailings (stuffing envelopes, etc.)
  • tell us about things friends of life in Delaware should know


A Rose and a Prayer is supported by people who want us to succeed. If you think you can help us connect with supporters–directly or indirectly–let us know! The volunteers who help us fundraise allow us to spend more time and resources on promoting life in Delaware.

Practical ways you can help:

  • assist at A Rose and a Prayer fundraising events
  • tell your friends when we run a campaign
  • organize a small sale, with proceeds benefiting A Rose and a Prayer

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