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SB 140 Fails to Ensure Patient Safety at Planned Parenthood

***** For Immediate Release ******* Wilmington, DE – In response to the State Senate passage of SB 140, designed to prevent the unsanitary conditions and patient abuse alleged by two former Planned Parenthood nurses, Ellen Barrosse said, “Early in the legislative

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State Senate Announces Hearings on Planned Parenthood

Ellen Barrosse, founder of A Rose and a Prayer, which is dedicated to working with all Delawareans to reduce the number of abortions here said, “Delaware has the highest abortion rate in the United States. But this is not just

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Coverage of the Planned Parenthood Clinic Scandal

Last Wednesday (May 29), two pro-choice nurses—former employees of Planned Parenthood—testified before the Delaware State Senate about the shockingly unsafe conditions and practices they observed at Planned Parenthood’s Shipley St clinic in Wilmington. The story is complex and demands serious

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Winners of the 2012 A Rose and a Prayer Video Contest

Congratulations to the three winners of our 2012 video contest! Contestants aged 14 to 25 were asked to create a video dealing with the subject: “How I Experienced God in Time of Trouble.” Seth Witmer: Out of Darkness Aquinas Academy:

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